Audit Services

An independent audit conducted by KLT AUDIT, in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA), and in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, is the medium that ensures the credibility of published information, on which not only shareholders but also other users of financial statements depend.


We provide audit services to companies in various sectors of the business community, and also to organizations of the non-profit sector. We have long term experience in auditing companies operating in network industries. Our professional audit procedures derive from a thorough knowledge of the client and the industry in which he or she operates. In many cases, we perform detailed testing as part of the auditing techniques throughout the year. This allows for the continuous removal of obvious errors and systemic weaknesses in accounting and the controlled environment of the client. Our audit methodology further includes effective analytical testing, an in-depth focus on internal controls, and both internal and external business risks. In the case where we identify risk areas, we provide the client with a set of recommendations aimed at improving their business.


The basic outcome of the statutory audit is the report drawn up according to international standards containing the opinion of an independent auditor on the published financial information with a high level of assurance.


In addition to the statutory audit of individual, extraordinary and consolidated financial statements, prepared in accordance with the Act on Accounting and IAS/IFRS, KLT AUDIT also provides its clients with other services in order to verify financial information, the performance of approved procedures and assurance in specific areas.