Who are we? | KLT AUDIT, spol. s r. o.

Who are we?

Our vision

To assist clients in building healthy, functional and transparent internal systems that should be a support and not a burden in business, and finding the way to meaningful and real management.

Our priority is quality and the foundation of our work is accurate understanding of the client and his or her needs.

Attention and confidence

Being a good advisor means being a perceptive and attentive listener with the ability to properly understand the requirements and needs of clients and, consequently, to seek the right solutions.

Trust from employees, clients, and all persons and organizations associated with our company is very valuable to us and is, at the same time, the force that shapes us. People are only confident of such acts that are aimed at the good of all concerned.

Sense of responsibility

Responsibility towards the client means for us to assist him or her with the maximum commitment. However, we are also aware of our social responsibilities. Heading towards a responsible entrepreneurship, the use of our abilities to influence positive changes in the world are of equal importance to us. This is the foundation of our consistency in adhering to ethical principles, the integrity of the whole team and each employee separately. Creative force is released only in an environment with values and attitudes that give people space for their development.

Teamwork and effective control

We believe that the basis of quality and meaningful work place high demands on people without overloading them, focusing on their individuality and uniqueness. The different abilities and characteristics of people cooperating in a team are an ideal prerequisite for a mutual advantage and, in particular, a benefit for clients. We also promote the team model of effective mutual control, which guarantees the quality of our work.


Expertise, perfect orientation in the relevant legislation, and continuous education are natural for us. We realize that education alone is not enough. It is necessary to know how to properly apply the expertise to find the most appropriate solutions. Our more than fifteen years of experience and the pursuit of necessary innovations are an important prerequisite so that the results of our work attain the highest quality standards.

Confidentiality of information

The obligation to maintain the confidentiality of information obtained from professional or business relations is determined for us by the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants and the applicable legislation. In our company we try to ensure that, for ourselves, ethical principles are not only an obligation but a natural standard of behaviour.