We consider accounting not only as a statutory obligation, but we also comprehend it as an important source of information for a company’s management. We solve questions related to bookkeeping and payrolls with flexibility and in accordance with the applicable legislation with respect to the interest of our clients.


In providing external accounting, KLT AUDIT offers you the following services:



  • Providing single or double entry bookkeeping,
  • Elaborating financial statements in accordance with the Act on Accounting and Accounting Procedures,
  • Transforming financial statements in accordance with IAS/IFRS,
  • Bookkeeping implementation of a newly-established company and proposal of appropriate bookkeeping procedures,
  • Elaborating internal bookkeeping directives,
  • Keeping VAT records and elaborating VAT returns,
  • Preparing materials for income tax returns,
  • Elaborating statistical reports,
  • Electronic communication with state institutions on behalf of the client,
  • Assistance and help in the processing of accounting documents, contracts, minutes, business correspondence, registration of journeys of motor vehicles and travel orders,
  • External processing of payrolls and human resources.